Travelling the Westcoast of USA: Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and Bryce NP

In this blog post I will tell you more about some of my favorite places, and I will reveal my least favorite place of our road trip in America. You will find out everything about the historic Monument Valley, the pretty Horseshoe Bend and the most magical national park, Bryce Canyon.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a place some people do not put on their schedule, but we did like the detour, especially because of our amazing campsite. Since there is not a lot of tourism close to Monument Valley, the prices of the rooms can get quite expensive. So on Air bnb we found the ‘Turtle bud tent camp’, we rented a cool tent with views on Monument Valley and it was the most amazing place we ever slept. The price is way better than the expensive hotels and it is also way more fun! The sunrise photo was taken from outside our tent – so magical!

The food is not that good in Monument Valley, and there are not that many places to eat – so try to eat dinner before arriving. In the morning you can make some breakfast yourself.

We doubted about taking the car ourselves onto the Monument Valley road, but some people said it was not that easy with a rental car since the road is in bad shape. So we decided to book a tour with Dineh Bekeyah, a 2,5 hour guided tour in an open jeep. They had great reviews so we were quite excited. The cool thing about the trip was that you went to certain parts of the park where you aren’t allowed to come with a regular car. We saw some amazing things and drove some cool off-road paths. But in the end, we felt like 80 euros was too expensive. We would suggest to just take your own car down the valley drive, the roads are fine to drive yourself, just use caution and adapt your speed.

Page – Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend

In Page you can visit Antelope Canyon, a small canyon where the sunbeams play a magical game. You can only do this tour with a touring company. Although a lot of people told me they loved this trip, I did not like it. For me, it was a real tourist trap. The trip was quite expensive (€70 pp) and you are only 30 minutes inside the canyon. In the canyon you need to stay on one side, you need to follow closely and you are not allowed to take pictures of yourself in the canyon. I felt like a bunch of sheep… The canyon is also only amazing in the right hours I think (between 12 and 3pm), we went in the morning and it was not that spectacular. So, in my opinion, it is not worth your time and money. Ofcourse, I believe some other people had some amazing moments here.

Horseshoe Bend on the other hand is a place I really liked. It’s a small walk to the bend, and be prepared for a lot of people. 🙂 We wanted to enjoy the sunset, but actually the bend is most pretty right after the sun goes down. For the best pictures, you need to get close to the edge, but be careful!

If you still got some time left, you can go chill at Lake Powell, Lone Rock beach is a relaxed place where you can just enjoy the sun and each other for a couple of hours.

Our room in Page was really nice. We stayed in Padre Bay Room, it was a room in a residential area but it was really clean! We ate the best pizza at the King Canyon Pizzeria, their terrace is also really nice and cosy.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon park is again a place you need to visit in your life. The hoodoos, for which the park is so familiar, are so pretty and the landscape looks like a fairytale. We spent two days here and really got the most out of it. One day might be enough, but if you got the time – stay a bit longer! The most famous hikes in the park are the Queens Garden and Navajo trail, we however did a loop in which we combined these two and also the Peek-a-boo loop, which we liked the most. Even though you have to climb a lot, we absolutely loved this hike, which is more or less 10 km. You get some amazing views of the Bryce Amphitheater, the most famous part of the park.

The next day we did the Fairyland loop trail, and we loved this one even more. It is super calm, so you can really enjoy the silence and the views of this pretty landscape. The hike is 13km but less heavy than the Peek-a-boo loop.

In the parks, it’s not always that easy to find good food, but we ate really good pizza in the Valhalla pizzeria, next to the Bryce lodge.

See you next time for some more Westcoast talk!

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