Foodbox cooking: no recipe stress

Hi loves! In this article I am not writing about fashion or beauty, but about food. Because 1, we all love food. And 2, we all need food. Only thing I do not like about it? The recipe stress! When making my shopping list I never know what to cook. Thanks to the new foodboxes trend, this stress is gone! I tried out two different boxes, Hello Fresh and Foodbag, and I’ll give you an honest comparison.

Hello Fresh

Let’s start off with Hello Fresh, I think they are the most well-known foodbox brand in Belgium. I already tried their boxes a couple of times, but never really liked it because I couldn’t choose the meals I wanted, you just had a certain box and had to take these recipes. But now you can choose the meals you like the most yourself. And even better news, they now also offer a quick&easy box for people who don’t have a lot of time and want to cook fast & healthy. I tried out this box and really liked it, the recipes are indeed done after 25 minutes and are full of vegetables.┬áMy favorite recipe of this box was the chicken with cranberries. So yummy! A bit of a minus, you need to be into ‘exotic’ flavors. My boyfriend really likes the simple meat-potatoes-vegetables combinations and isn’t such a big fan of the unknown Hello Fresh flavours.

Foodbag is a brand I did not yet know or try out but I absolutely loved this one! They also have different boxes like Original, Easy Dinner and even a Sana box full of Sandra Bekkari recipes, so yummy! This time I chose the Foodbag Easy Dinner, which is perfect for people who love the more typical food with a fun twist. Even though this box is a bit more expensive, I really loved the recipes. The box is called ‘Easy Dinner’, and all the recipes are indeed not that difficult but they take around 35-45 minutes, which is sometimes a bit too long in my opinion.

In short, are you into the typical Begian food but with a twist? Then Foodbag is perfect for you! Fancy something more experimental? Hello Fresh is your thing! They will make you discover a whole lot of new flavors.

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