Counting down to Christmas Pt.3: Yves Rocher’s holiday collection

Another Monday, another workweek. Aaaand another week closer to Christmas, hooray! This week in our countdown special: the way too pretty Yves Rocher holiday collection.

Yves Rocher always has quite an extensive Christmas collection but this year they got everything a girl’s heart desires. Two mesmerizing beauty scents, beautiful Christmas make up, and for the first time ever – an advent calendar!

We had to wait a bit for the advent calendar of Yves Rocher, but here it is – 24 surprise products in a very pretty packaging. As Yves Rocher is always involved in sustainability, their advent calendar can also be used later on, so you have fun with it even after the holidays have passed. The price is only €39,99 so hurry on up to the closest Yves Rocher store.

For the beauty ranges they have two new scents – marvelous berries, which smells like, yes, berries. And vanille blanche which smells like, yes vanilla ;-). In the collections you can find a bath-and showergel, a hand cream (yes!), a bodymilk, a lip balm and the best – scented candles. There are also some gift sets, like the cute houses which have a shower gel, bodymilk, hand cream and lip balm in there. For only €9,95! My favorite scent is definitely the vanilla one.

The make up collection has an amazing eye shadow palette with 40 colours, some lip colours which shout Christmas and of course,  a couple of pretty nail polishes!

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