9 years of love: 9 love lessons learned

Today – the boyfriend and I are 9 years happy together. In these years I have learned a whole lot of love lessons. Curious about what I’ve learned during our relationship?

Year 1: You can meet thé one at a very young age.

Glenn & I met one another when I was 16,5 years old. Still (quite a lot) in my puberty, I never thought this relationship could turn out in something so serious. Even friends told us that we were too young to already know what love was. 9 years later…

Year 2: Love isn’t picture perfect

I always thought that love was a bit like in the movies, over romantic and always perfect. No fights, no small irritations, just plain love. Well, that’s a big mistake, not one love is perfect, and I also love it that way – keeps life a bit exciting, don’t you think?

Year 3: You gotta fight

We were so young when we met. And our lives were extremely different the first years. Glenn already went to university when I was still in school. And when I finally went to Leuven to start my bachelor’s, he was already moving on to the adult life and started working. A lot of people thought we wouldn’t last, especially since I was ‘op kot’ in Leuven. But we fought for one another, and knew really well that life on the other side wasn’t as green as our garden :-).

Year 4: Loving is letting go

When I was in Leuven, I had the best time of my life. I still feel so nostalgic when thinking about this time. I went out 2-3 times a week with my friends and stayed up ’til early in the morning. Glenn was already working at that time so didn’t really live the ‘party’ life anymore. But we trusted one another, and gave each other the space to still be young and enjoy life.

Year 5: You need to think about others when making certain decisions

Our fifth year was a difficult one for me, I was in my masters and had to decide whether I wanted to continue my studies or wanted to go live together with Glenn. Of course I wanted both, but when we would rent an appartement, I had to pitch in of course. The choice was really hard, but I also knew it wasn’t possible to keep living such different lives for another year or two.

Year 6: Living together is loving together

After 6,5 years, we finally had our own place to live. This was such a magical time, sleeping next to Glenn is my favorite part of the day (and cuddling, and eating) and I can’t stand when he is gone for a long time. In our own appartement we had the most wonderful time.

Year 7: Loving someone is so much more than being in love

Some people say they miss being in love – but to be honest, the love I feel for Glenn after all these years is so much bigger and better than being in love with him. I know him better than I know myself, I have a love/hate relationship with all his small ticks and my heart skips a beat every time I see him.

Year 8: Through the good times and the bad

Th 8th year wasn’t easy for me and for our relationship. I lost two grandparents in two months time, I wasn’t happy at my work and in general, I wasn’t happy with my life at that time. This made me insecure, and Glenn and I would have quite some arguments. There were tears, and a lot of hugging. And there was support, with Glenn being by my side when I had to say goodbye to my grandfather one last time, when his funeral didn’t go as planned and when I felt stressed for a job interview.

Year 9: When someone new becomes your home

My parents and brother have always been the warmest family I could have ever wished for. Glenn has always been my home too of course, but after a difficult year and buying our dream house, something clicked. Glenn has now become everything, my lover, best friend ànd my home. We got our own place now, we’re building our future – and he feels like home more than ever.

Year 10: Loving you means dreaming of our future

So here we are, at the start of year 10 of our relationship. I can’t believe time has passed by so fast. We don’t know yet what will happen this year, but we already got two exciting plans coming up which we are super excited about. 1) We’re going on a 3-weeks holiday to the West Coast of America,can’t wait! 2) We’ll get our own baby… which will have the name Jax and will be a cute maltese 😉

with (a whole lot) of love,

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