All that pink: Perfumes for sweet girls

Ah, sometimes I love being a girl, or is it woman now? We can do all those typical girly things like getting our nails done, having a clothing crisis even though we have a billion clothes or smelling like sweet little angels. I received three feminine scents that I’d love to present to you.

The first perfume is also the lightest one, and is called Escada Celebrate N.O.W. This perfume is an ode to positivity, joy and nature. It’s for the women that know you need to enjoy and embrace every moment in life. N.O.W. is an acronym for Nature of Women, a reference to the confident and loving women out there, whom just want to spread joy and love. I immediately fell in love with the bottle, and now totally love the scent too, which is light, floral and a bit mysterious. The Escada Celebrate N.O.W. is for sale from November onwards, the perfect Christmas present?

The second perfume is the new Boss The Scent Intense. I already wrote about the first Boss The Scent perfume. The new perfume is even more seductive and intense (well, guess that one’s obvious). In my opinion, the scent is quite similar, it just lasts a whole lot longer – which is always a good thing. This one is still a winner to put on for a busy working day.

The last one is a special limited edition and one of my absolute favorites. I received the Chloé Love Story perfume last year and was immediately hooked, I wore it every day! Up until… I opened the bathroom mirror, my beloved bottle of Chloé fell down and broke. Watching the perfume vanish into the sink was the most heartbreaking moment in a long time ;-). As you can see, I’m quite the Chloé lover. And I’m not the only one! Already 10 years, this perfume is going strong. And that’s cause for a celebration! For their 10th anniversary they made a limited edition: Chloé Absolu de Parfum. An essence that intensifies the signature Chloé scent. The scent is, in my opinion, better than ever, with a real long holding character.

With love,

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