Counting down to Christmas pt.1: Rituals advent calendar

It’s Monday again, and we all know that’s not our favorite part of the week. To cheer you guys up (and myself too) I’m making an ‘every monday is countdown-monday’ blog to our most loved time of the year, Christmas. Each Monday I will make you all excited and merry for those warm days. This Monday: the magical advent calendar from Rituals.

The people who’ve been reading my blog for some time now, might know that this is the second time that I get the privilege to open a Rituals advent calendar. (You can read all about the calendar from last year here & here). Last year, I was really surprised about the sizes of the products inside, so I’m quite curious about this edition.

Rituals has decided to launch two advent calendars this year, the exclusive calendar and the deluxe calendar. The one I received is the exclusive calendar – a pretty green & gold tree which fits perfectly in your christmassy living room. You pay €60 and receive €115 worth of products (to be honest I always feel like this ‘worth’ principle is a bit overrated – but the products in there are definitely of a decent amount!). The deluxe calendar is worth €140 while you only pay €80. I compared both calendars as to what’s inside, and in my opinion, you mostly pay for the golden tree – which is very beautiful, no doubt about that – but the products in both calendars are more or less the same.

You can discover a bunch of different products in the calendar, miracle make up remover wipes, body lotions, a hand balm, their famous shower foam,… Want to make sure you make a good investment before buying the calendar? You can see all the presents online too. We gave this calendar as a present to my mother-in-law, and she is already way too excited to receive a Rituals present every day. I mean, is there a better way to count down to Christmas?

You can buy the advent calendars both in store as online. If you ask me, the perfect purchase to cheer up your grey Monday!

Sweet holiday kisses,

Ps: It was so difficult to make these photos all christmassy and to then still have to put the decorations away for a couple more weeks

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