Hello new perfumes!

I have a real love relationship with my mail carrier. Especially when he brings me the newest perfumes of the moment. I’ll share the love and present four perfumes to you – for the boys and les filles.

The first and my favorite smell is the new Shiseido Ever Bloom, I didn’t even know they made perfumes but this one is really up my street. Super flowerly and feminine, I’d however wear this perfume in the summer ‘cus it’s a really fresh & girly scent. The new Issey Miyake for men is also a real winner, L’Eau Majeure is a quite fresh and manly scent – again one I’d see the bf wearing more during summer but the both scents will match perfectly ;-).

And then there’s the Dolce&Gabbana The One for men & women. My mother-in-law wears it all the time and I was always really fond of the scent. The men perfume is a heavier scent, but for me perfect when you love a heavy masculine scent. I always think it’s so cute when you have a matching men & women perfume and these ones are a great combination!

With love,

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