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Playtime is over! Summer has left the building and winter is slowly creeping in. But that also means more relaxed days at home and time to spoil my nails and face. Let me introduce you to my new favorites, I especially adore the mask anti imperfections which works miracles.

I am 25, but unfortunately I still suffer from an imperfect skin. I cleanse my skin every day and night & treat my face like it’s my baby. One of my favorite products is the Pure active mask with charcoal from Garnier. Now Garnier launched a new mask and tonic in this range but for the sensitive skin. To be honest, my skin is not-at-all sensitive. But everybody loves a sweet touch on their skin – and this mask and tonic deliver you that soft feeling. And it gives the same results as the one with charcoal, so a happy babyface over here! And the prices? The tonic is €4,99 and the mask €7,99. Jep, I’d run to Kruidvat too!

The second perfect fall product is the newest L’oréal anti imperfections mask. I had an outburst of impurities last week, which didn’t want to leave at all. This can make me quite insecure. I used this mask and left it on a whole evening instead of the normal 10 minutes and the impurities were gone, it was like a magic trick! Of course I still had some redness but it helped like crazy, this product is definitely the bomb.

And then there’s the six new nailpolishes that treat your nails. Whatever you want for your nails, you can get it now in a small bottle. Want stronger nails? Try the one with ylang ylang oil. Prefer longer nails? The one with camelia oil stimulates the growth of your nails. And then there’s the one with lavender oil – to make your nails all white and shiny again. So, want perfect looking nails? For only €9,99 you can have them!

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