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Givenchy. A brand of which I’m not sure of why I love it. Is it that totally french name? That pretty packaging? Or those great products? I guess it’s a combination of all the above! For their AW season I’d love to present you their new launch, the L’intemporel Blossom line.

The L’intemporel Blossom is a new line with three products that all have the same goal: keep you as new and shiny as when you were a baby. The line focuses on people in their 30’s, so just a bit too soon for me, but since you also get a pinky glow from it I had to try it out.

The beautifying radiance serum is their most amazing highlighter ever (or at least, that’s what they promise ;-)). It gives your skin that hydration it needs to kick off the day. The Radiance reviver cream anti-fatigue delivers what is promised: a glowy, revived and healthy looking skin with less wrinkles. I got to try this one out, and even though I do not yet have the need for anti-wrinkle creams I can feel the ultimate hydration this product delivers. The scent is so soft and sweet that you want to put it on all day everyday. The rosy glow highlighter care sounds like my favorite of the three, it’s a subtle highlighter that you can use around the eyes, to give light to certain spots, like your cheekbones, or to make your whole face light up. Need to try that one out!

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