OOTD: To travel or not to travel

During the summer I received this practical but stylish suitcase from Kipling. I was so excited to show you guys my packed bag to leave on an autumn holiday with le boyfriend. But the story turned out different…

As most of you know, Glenn and I bought our dream house in May. Everything about the house is perfect and we are still over the moon happy that we can call this our home. Unfortunately we had one big bummer two weeks after buying the house. When we tried to turn on the boiler, it went straight into error. Long story short, we have to buy a new boiler. First we thought the price would still be ok, around €2500. So we were still looking forward to a vacation in October with cocktails, sun and dolce far niente. Up until we discovered the average price would be €4500. Bye bye palmtrees…

But since I love this suitcase so much I decided to still show you guys my new travel companion. Even though we won’t go on holiday this year, the suitcase still comes in quite handy. As you might have guessed, I often shoot a couple #ootd’s in one day. This Kipling suitcase is the perfect wardrobe-on-the-go.

The suitcase has four wheels and rolls so smoothly (I often feel like people don’t like four wheels ‘cus they can be quite stubborn but these ones are great!). The packing areas are so handy and this design is lightweight, so more clothes to bring along on your trip! We got a three-week holiday to the Westcoast of the USA planned next year and this baby will come in handy when living out of our suitcase.

As for the outfit I’m wearing, I feel like this could be my travel outfit. A soft jacket, a jeans, some booties and a hat to add some coolness to it. I have to be honest, I’d switch the jeans for a jogging once we’re on the plane but that wouldn’t look so pretty in the pictures, right?

Speaking of the outfit, I’m so in love with this velours jacket, at first I didn’t really feel the trend but now I’m all up for it, the more soft on my skin, the happier I am. So, let the countdown begin to May 2018, when I can not only use my new luggage but also fly to the amazing US and A. If you have any tips, shoot!

Hat – Primark

Jacket – 3Suisses

Top – Zara

Jeans – Pull&Bear

Booties – Avril Gau (by Monar)

Suitcase – Kipling

Lots of love,

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