Get ready for a cosy winter with Rituals

Winter is coming… and that means cozying up on the couch with a blanket and some candles. Rituals has the best scented candles but has so much more fun things to offer to make your house a real home. I decided to cosy up both our bedroom and living room to get all excited for those cold days.

Rituals is my all time favorite brand for skincare. But Rituals also has the best home accessories. For the bedroom I decided to try one of their new Maître du parfums. You can hang these pretty tassels anywhere you like. Just add some drops of the essential oil on the tassel and enjoy a fresh scent in your bedroom. You can also hang this in your wardrobe, in the hallway or in the bathroom. And it looks pretty too!

The second thing I added in our bedroom is this ‘Ritual of Dao’ calming bed&body mist. This product has been an absolute favorite for some time now. The scent is so calming and gives your bed sheets a fresh wind of air (because yup, I’m a bit slow in changing bed sheets ;-)). Spray a couple of drops on the sheets and you’ll sleep like a baby.

In the winter we stay at home more often and cuddle with each other on the couch (best moments in the world!). So our living room can definitely use some extra touches too. We always use the fragrance sticks from Rituals to give our home a nice scent, but since we moved into our own house, the fragrance gets a bit lost in translation (the whole room is open with bureau, kitchen, living room and dining table so quite big!). Luckily, Rituals now also launched some big-ass fragrance bottles which you can use when you have a big room like ours. And it also looks super pretty, don’t you think?

Another thing I love about Rituals is their tea collection. First, the design of those boxes is so pretty that I just want to add them to my interior. Second, their flavours are so yummy. For me, drinking a cup of tea on a cold autumn evening is the greatest relaxation. I’ll definitely cosy up on the couch with a yummy Rituals tea this winter.

Last but not least, I also added a scented candle with a real winter scent – the black oudh one is quite heavy but so perfect for those snowy days (hopefully these days are still two or more months from now).

I’m all ready for winter thanks to Rituals, how about you? And I saved the best news for last: Rituals is already selling it’s advent calendar (aaaah!) and they even have two editions this year. An absolute must buy, there is so much fun stuff inside! I can’t wait for Christmas season!

With love,

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