OOTD: Holding onto bare legs

What’s up with the weather? Ever since September made it’s entrance, it feels like autumn is definitely in town too. Rain, cold winds and not much sun, that’s not the Indian Summer we asked for. But I’m not giving into the weather, yes, I’m wearing my new wool sweater but I am holding onto bare legs too.

I’ll be honest, this outfit was quite cold to wear. Whenever I still see sun outside I think it’ll be warm enough to take out my dresses again. Unfortunately, September is not treating us to a nice after summer up until now. But since winter will creep up faster than we think, I’m still stubborn in having bare legs. I will not wear any thighs up until October, pinky wear!

What I love about this in between season is combining bare legs with a real autumn sweater already. This wool piece from Selected Femme is my new friend the next few months. A bit chunky, a fun colour and most important – a lot of warmth. A bit itchy too, but hey, fashion is suffering.

I found this sweater at Calla Lila, my favorite boutique in Mechelen. They have some of my favorite brands like Object, Alix the label, Soaked in Luxury and Selected Femme. Every time I enter their cute store I come out with a shopping bag, story of my life.

Sweater – Selected Femme (by Calla Lila)

Skirt – Boohoo

Handbag – Even&Odd (by Zalando)

Shoes – 3Suisses

With love,

Ps: Yup, I forgot to cut off the labels, story of my life too – too enthusiastic to wear it! Thought it would be funny to use the ‘unPhotoshopped’ version in my blog post. Tell me if you noticed it 😉

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