Kiko Fall 2.0 – Limited edition

Some new launches make me a very very very happy kid in a candy store. Like this limited edition Fall 2.0 collection from Kiko Milano. Apart from their great make-up their designs are also always on point.

This new make-up collection is a tribute to the city of love in Italy, Venice. This collection tries to capture the essence of one of the most romantic cities in the world. The collection is designed by Ross Lovegrove (haven’t heard of her but would love to have the same name!) and is sensual and elegant at the same time. For me the dark aquatic blue fits perfect with the season fall.

The collection is typical Kiko, affordable prices (between €5 and €22) combined with some top-notch quality. My favorites of this collection? The golden highlighter, which will give you that summer glow that you’ll miss in autumn, the baked bronzer, because it looks so pretty and the eyeshadows which are highly pigmented and have an extremely cool structure. As you can see the collection has a whole range of products to choose from so whether you’re a lipstick addict or a blush kinda girl, you’ll definitely find your favorite piece in this collection!

Now I’m off playing dress up!


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