OOTD: O that black bag

This oufit was shot right before fall made it’s dramatic entrace with all it’s rain and wind. We went for a last summer BBQ at my parents-in-law and I had to take my new favorite handbag with me, ‘cus a girl can never have too many handbags.

As for the outfit, I’m wearing a tight grey skirt, my first time this summer and I also think my last time ever. You can see every little bump in this fabric – and I kinda doubted posting these pictures for those little bumps but hey, no one expects me to have a model body, right? (Only missing 14 cm to become one but that’s besides the point, I’d rock that runway). And for my girlfriends reading: no it’s not a BABY bump, yes it’s a food baby. It’s called french fries and mom and baby are doing great.

Second thing not so handy about this outfit: that black top. Looks like the perfect ‘combine it with everything’ piece, but it’s more a booby party every five seconds. Even when we were shooting, Mr. BF had to tell me to put away the girlies ;-). And lastly, those heels – I don’t think I have to paint the picture. But hell yes, they are pretty.

So why put yourself in such an uncomfortable outfit you ask yourself? Two reasons. A) That comfy knitted cardigan in which I’ll live the next few months. Yes mom, pinky promise I’ll wash it once a week. B) That bag. And I think I don’t need to explain that one, you’ve probably seen them passing by, the look a like designer bags which cost 10% of the original price but are sooo pretty too. I found my perfect one on the webshop of Les Jumelles, one of my favorite webshops out there! Their fall jackets are also to die for so definitely check it out.

Sunglasses – Polette

Cardigan – Market

Top – Guts&Gusto

Skirt – H&M

Handbag – Les Jumelles

Heels – Bershka

With love,


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