Puressentiel oxygen diffuser

Smoke, cold, fog, air-conditioning, there are so many bad influences on your respiratory system. Ever since I was a little girl I had trouble with my airways. Even though I grew out of it, I sometimes suffer from a cold (like all normal people I guess ;-)). The new Puressentiel oxygen diffuser helps in these troubling times. Curious?

The oxygen diffuser has a distribution system that creates a light fog which opens up your airways. If you have a harder cold you can even add some essential oils to really kick in. You can also use it to sleep better, just add some lavender oil drops and you’ll sleep like never before. One last and really amazing benefit: it clears the air in the night when you prefer to sleep with the window shut (which can happen when it’s freezing cold outside ;-)).

Another fun thing about the diffuser: it changes color, every color is known for its positive effects on the human spirit. I put the diffuser on an hour before going to bed with a bit of respiratory oil inside and the room is all fresh when going to bed, such a nice feeling! Once you got this little buddy you won’t be able to live without. The oxygen diffuser is for sale as of the end of October for only €55. Let the countdown begin!

Big love,

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