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I’m a real The Body Shop lover. Reason 1: Everything is cruelty free and vegan. Reason 2: All their products are affordable but work great. Reason 3: They always launch the best new products! My favorite of the launches? Their masks! Let me tell you all about it.

Let me start with the foundations. I do not often wear it since it makes my skin even shinier¬†than it already is. But these foundations have tea tree in them, to keep your skin light and hygienic the whole day round. I wore it a couple of days and felt the difference with a ‘normal’ foundation. When your skin tends to be a bit more greasy and you love to wear foundation, this is your match!

The drops of glow is an illuminating cream which you can use for your whole face, as a highlighter or for your lips – whatever you need it for, this product works his magic. The glow is quite subtle but so pretty. Lastly, you have the make-up setting spray – I love to use this for a long day of work to make sure my make-up stays perfect all through the day.

And then you have their new masks which are soooo fun. For me putting on a mask is the greatest relaxation. The Japanese matcha tea ¬†mask smells so good and is the perfect way to wash off the stress of a busy week. Your skin feels all fresh & clean afterwards. But my absolute favorite is the anti-imperfection night mask. You put it on before going to bed to clear your skin of impurities (and to make sure you don’t get any over night ;-)). The substance is so calming on your skin – perfect to prepare you for the night. A real winner if you have a bit of a problematic skin like me.

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