OOTD: Summer, where you at?

Nothing more fun than going away for a weekend to the seaside. But my o my, nothing more difficult than packing your bags when the weather is not all that summery. So I went for a casual ”Fine, I’ll dress like autumn” look.

Me on sneakers. Most people who know me are aware that this was a strange phenomena up until a year ago. I felt too short and not skinny enough to be able to wear them. Even though I’m still not a huge fan of myself on those no heeled shoes, I decided that comfort, having a boyfriend ànd a house are enough reason to wear them whenever I feel like it. Which is quite often lately ;-).

Apart from my sneakers I am wearing some other stuff too (thank god, not yet so comfortable about myself ;-)). I am wearing a new top from Loavies, one of my favorite webshops, and my new trench from H&M which I bought in sales. And some ‘please sun, do come out’ accessories like my sunglasses and yellow bag.

Only positive thing about a rainy day? Shopping! I did find some very pretty last-minute sales buys, hooray for that!

Trenchcoat – H&M (In sale!)

Top – Loavies

Jeans – Zara

Sneakers – Faguo (In sale)

Bag – Parfois

Sunglasses – Polette

With love,


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