Zadig & Voltaire and Elie Saab launch some new scents

You all know I’m quite the perfume lover. I do not have one signature scent but change my perfume according to my mood or outfit. The newest Zadig&Voltaire for him&her is perfect for a date night (matching perfumes!) and the Elie Saab ‘Girl of now’ is for a sunny day in the park.

I adored Zadig&Voltaire’s first perfume launches – This is him & This is her. I always love two matching perfumes, it’s the ideal romantic picture you make in your head. So when I heard they had a new one for him and her, called ‘Just rock’, I had to discover it.  The scents are quite similar to the previous ones but a bit more playful, perfect for a night of dancing together. The pretty matching packages are just an extra bonus on top. How pretty will these look in your bathroom?

The newest Elie Saab is something totally different. A sweet, flirty scent perfect for the young independent women on this planet (yes, I do count myself as one of them). The bottle is also totally Instagram-worthy so some pretty pictures were obligatory. With the perfume comes a fun booklet with the places to be in the big cities like London, New York, Dubai and Milan. A perfume for the travelling girl who loves to meet new people and cities. With notes from magnolia, almond and patchouli this is my absolute favorite perfume of the moment!

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