Smoovall: my guardian angel during workouts

Summer is already here for a while but unfortunately my summer body is not yet in place ;-). So I have worked out quite a lot the past weeks. Running in this weather is so much fun but unfortunately my thighs get quite irritated from rubbing against each other (one advantage of a thigh gap?) – but the solution is here – Smoovall skin spray!

Smoovall skin spray is a spray that protects your skin from getting irritated because of rubbing. I tend to get this problem when moving, either when going for a run or especially when riding my bike with bare legs. I even get small wounds from the contact which hurts quite bad after a couple of hours. I never realized their could be a solution for this issue but hooray – there is Smoovall to save the day.

I just put it on before going out for a run and am totally freed from the irritated skin. When you sweat a lot on vacation this can also be a great companion. It works for around two hours when you do an intense activity and around four hours if it is a ‘normal’ activity.

The spray is only €12,99 and can be ordered online. Let’s hope the weather gets better again, so I can take out my running shoes, put on my Smoovall spray and go for an amazing summer run without irritated thighs by kilometer 5!

Big kiss,

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