Long lashes without faking, c’est Givenchy

If there is one thing I can’t live without, it’s mascara. This is the one thing I would not leave my house without (well to be honest, sometimes I leave the house with no make up on but that’s beside the point). But always, always, am I on the hunt for stronger, longer and thicker lashes. And Givenchy now gives me the solution with a base mascara and 90° bendable brush mascara to give me those magazine lashes.

Let’s start of with the Base Mascara Perfecto which is quite unique in my opinion. It’s a base coat for your lashes that gives it more volume at once. Add some mascara and you’ll immediately notice the difference! But apart from giving you that extra volume – hooray – it will also nourish and protect your lashes.

The Noir Interdit Mascara is even cooler. You can bend the brush 90° to make application even easier. This brush gives you that fake lashes effect you always dreamt of (without adding the fake lashes). For me it’s the bendable brush that makes application so easy and smooth. I just love it!


Big kiss,


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