Kiko Milano Summer 2.0 collection

Trying out a new make up collection is always the highlight of my month. Not only the packaging is often drop dead gorgeous (I will never open or use it, ok? It’s too pretty!) but the new innovations are also way too exciting. This is the first time I got to try out the Italian brand Kiko and gurls, I L-O-V-E it.(just look at that bronzer!)

In summer we all keep our skin a bit more au naturel. Partly because we need to ‘cus there’s nothing fancy about sweaty foundation faces, right? But that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear any make up. Summer is the time for candy colors and way too pretty bronzers on your cheekbones. And that’s exactly what Kiko’s newest collection is all about.

First – that highlighter. It’s a fluid one which is quite pink so at first there’s some panic – this is not what I signed up for! – but after padding it in it gives a pretty glowy finish. Onto that pretty bronzer, which is quite pigmented so at first my whole face was brown. Small beginners mistake! So take a little and carefully pad it in for that lightly bronzed skin tone. The stick for lips and cheeks is so handy (2-in-1 is always great!). I use it for my cheeks and absolutely love the subtle shade. Then there’s the oddly looking (is that see through?!) lipstick. It’s a hydrating lipstick which adapts to your own lip colour and gives it that perfect color to fit you.

Onto the eyes, the liquid eyeshadow is a musthave to quickly do your eyes (I do not think a smokey eye would be handy though ;-)).Last but not least – that mascara! It looks a bit odd with the short hairs but it’s perfect to lengthen your lashes to the fullest or to add some mascara on your lower lashes too, definitely give it a try because it works miracles!

Big kiss,

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