A supercharged day thanks to Moisture Surge by Clinique

In these hectic times (last few weeks have been so crazy combining work with the move to our dream house) it is hard for me to stay supercharged sometimes. Running from one meeting to another, quickly doing a shopping spree at the supermarket for dinner and if it all goes well maybe a quick half hour work-out. But as you can imagine, my batteries go low sometimes, as so does my skin (and my cell phone). My secret to remain supercharged? The new Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate from Clinique. Need some superpowers too? Then read on!

I have two specific moments in a day when I can really use some extra hydration for my skin. In the morning, when not looking so picture perfect as on my Instagram, I love to give my face the kick it needs to get the party started. I start off with the Moisture Surge line from Clinique, which gives you that morning glow you dream of. First of all there is the ‘All about eyes’ cream, yep, to get rid of those dark circles in the morning – works miracles!

And then comes the real bomb, the Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate. This baby instantly gives my skin an absolute boost of hydration, with extra-long moisturization. Do you want your skin to be protected against all bad influences for the day? Check! (Fun fact: It delivers an incredible 179% moisture boost that is retained for 24 hours at 65% – that is equal to the consumption of 18 glasses of water a day!) When it’s a hot day it is even more fun to put it on thanks to the refreshing burst you get after applying it. And yes, when that little bit of extra stress tends to show on your beautiful face, this product is also here to save the day! On top of all this it also works anti-ageing. You’re welcome!

After which it’s time for a full eight (or often even more) hours at the office. During a day like this, my body loses nearly half a liter of water – and that shows on my skin too. That is why I always bring my Moisture Surge face spray with me, to keep my skin all pretty & glowy when I’m running to my next meeting. A quick spray on your face, light padding it in and you’re ready to be a superwoman again!

At last my favorite moment of the day has arrived: me-time. After a full day at work I try to have at least half an hour for me, myself and I. Whether it’s half an hour run, some online shopping or taking a bath, these moments get me absolutely supercharged. During this half hour I love to give my skin the attention it deserves. Nothing better than sinking into that bath, charging your phone to listen to an hour of relaxing classical music and putting on some Clinique products to end this day in all its beauty.

Curious about the new Moisture Surge™ Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate? You can buy it in the Ici Paris XL or on the Clinique web shop (yes, holding a white wine!) for €32, 50. I promise you will love it!

With love,

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