Collistar launches a whole bunch of fun products

Collistar, the Italian brand for all things skin related, has some amazing launches this summer. I got to discover some of them and I can tell you, some are quite interesting. Ever tried an oil-serum that should make your boobs more defined? Me neither!

Ok, so let’s start with the most special product included. It’s a serum to make your boobs prettier. They should give them bigger volume, a firmer and better shape. Quite crazy, no? I bet some of you are curious whether it works – however, I will disappoint you, I did not try it out since my boobs are already quite ‘in shape’. But maybe I’ll give it a try when my boobs start losing the battle against gravity ;-).

Another product in this line is the high-definition slimming cream. The cream should make your body more tight and defined. Yep, cellulite should also be gone or should at least be less. I have tried it for two weeks now and I can say I see some results but it’s not spectacular yet.

In their Collistar Natura line they now have a new infusion cream bringing you the hydration and firmness you always wanted. Their essence oil helps in this process by repairing the skin in-depth. I love to put it on before going to bed to give my face the hydration it needs after a long day.

Summer also means tanning – and Collistar has a new supertanning dry oil in their line. With an SPF 15 containing both UVA and UVB you are protected but you’ll tan like never before thanks to the carrot and walnut-shell oils. I tried it during the hot days last week and it worked like crazy. This is definitely my favorite product for the summer!

At last they have a magic serum for your hair which you can leave in. The serum is a five-in-one with protection against bad influences (sun, heat), hydration and protection for your hair and last but not least, hair that is soft & detangled. It’s ideal to use after you’ve been on holiday to give your hair the boost it needs.

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