OOTD: Feeling beachy with Veritas

Sundays like this. Waking up with the sun shining and a relaxing day ahead of you, I just love it! It’s the absolute perfect day to head over to the seaside, eat an ice cream, do some shopping and end the day in a bar on the beach. Unfortunately I will have to imagine this all at my new home today because we still got a lot to arrange – but my outfit today is light and véry beachy thanks to the new summer collection from Veritas.

Upon receiving this tunic I was a bit sceptic. I actually never wear it and they always seem 8 sizes to big for me. However, after putting a small waist belt into it I felt like I could rock this outfit. Just add some waist and you’re ready to hit that beach. Some other key essentials to add to your ‘it’s a Sunday and I wear what I want to’ look is some pretty sunglasses, an XL glitter (!) beach bag and some holographic flip-flops (which I love but my boyfriend is very not loving about. Dixit: ‘You are not joining me to my family with those slippers on, put on something else’).

But boy o boy, do I love this collection. Veritas’s beach collection has a whole lot to offer, not only the typical sunglasses and bikini’s but also flip-flops, beach bags, headbands and the prettiest beach towels. Yep, I’m talking about those round ones upon which you feel like a model.

Everyone goes to the beach in summer I guess, and Veritas really offers you everything you need. We all know Veritas for the pretty jewellery and for the sewing tips & tricks but over the last years they also launched some pretty cool collections, like the prom queen one, and I can say I am a huge fan of this new direction they are heading. So keep doing what you do Veritas, namely the good old things we love you for, but do not stop with making these beautiful temporary collections ‘cus I (we!) love it!

Sunglasses -Veritas

Tunic – Veritas

Beachbag – Veritas

Flip-flops – Veritas


With love,


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