Our new home: painting with Colora

Even though our house was perfect to move in the way it was, we wanted to change-up some things to make it totally ours and of course because we did not like every part in the house (the only way you can reach that is by building one yourself ;-)). In total we painted two walls, which were both bright red, and the stairs. We decided to go for Colora, as they promise fast coverage and beautiful results. And that’s exactly what you get!

My boyfriend & I are not the most handy people. That’s why we also wanted to find a house which was in a nearly perfect state. So we really wanted a brand that could help us in preparing everything the best way possible. At the Colora store in Kontich we found our saving angel. We received all the material we needed to do a great painting job and got some great tips on top. You can also find a whole bunch of how to videos on their website and I can promise you I watched them like a little girl watches her favorite movie over and over again.

The walls we painted were both red and we were afraid we had to do three layers before it would all be gone. However, Colora now has their primer already in the shade you want. After the first layer it was nearly perfectly covered. We followed the steps from the video and the result is how we wanted: no lines or bad details, hooray!

The staircase gave us the most stress – the stairs were dark brown before and we wanted them white. Mission impossible with a lot of work! But this wasn’t the case either. Some light polishing, a white primer and two white lacquers and we were done! The stairs look so pretty now, we couldn’t be more happy with the result.

Are you also thinking about painting your kitchen/stairs/bed? At Colora you will definitely find what you need!

Curious about how things went down and the result? Be sure to check my blog & Youtube channel, you’ll discover it all really soon!


Big kiss,

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