Be a passionata, inside & out

Lingerie is one of the most intimate things you can wear. But the fact that only a handful of people (most often you and your loved one – sometimes also your girlfriends ;-)) see it does not mean you can’t wear some jaw-dropping sets. For me, apart from looking for that perfect design I also have to look for the perfect size. And that’s quite the challenge. My go-to brand for perfect support? Passionata.

As some of you know, I have quite a difficult cup size, a 65E to be specific. Finding a good fitting bra is often not easy. Victoria’s Secret is for me the best solution but unfortunately, America or London is not right around the corner. In Belgium you do have some brands that sell this size but often the designs are not that pretty or really expensive. Passionata luckily also offers some bra’s in my difficult ‘big boobies small waist’ size. The blue design is so stunning and gives my girls the support they need.

Apart from some great bra designs they also have some beautiful bralettes. This ‘Delicacy’ one is just beautiful. My boyfriend sure was a fan! Of course this bralette does not offer the same support as a real bra but my o my, it is so pretty and the lining does give enough support to wear it under your shirt to show a subtle touch of lace.

Long-line balconette bra – Passionata

Blossom Thong – Passionata

Bralette Delicacy – Passionata

Tanga Delicacy – Passionata

Big kiss,

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