L’oréal Mythic Oil: Mythic perfection

As some of you might know, I actually have curls instead of straight hair. (Sorry for people being shocked now – I straighten my hair since I was 14 ;-)). Since I often use harmful heat on my locks I need to protect them as best as possible. One of my favorite products to protect my hair? The mythic oil from L’Oréal Professionnel. Do you often use a hair dryer, curling or straightening iron? Then you need this to keep your hair safe & sound!

The legendary Mythic Oil from L’oréal does it all: it protects your hair against heat and humidity, it makes your locks shine like never before and nourishes your coupe to perfection. Apart from the product doing a great job, the fragrance is also amazing.

Now L’Oréal even perfectioned their legendary oil, from now on you can use your favorite based on what your hair needs. You still have the ‘Huile Originale’, great for all hair types. But now you also have one for unruly hair (come to me baby!) and for colored hair. They changed the formula each time a little bit to give you that perfect recipe for your locks. And then there’s the fourth, and my favorite. The shimmering oil can be used both on your hair & body (I know, it’s perfection!). They added magnolia to it so you can guess already – I love the scent. Just take this with you to go on vacation and you have a body lotion and hair protector in one – pure heaven!


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