Origins: we all dream of a perfect world

You can love a certain brand or collection for different reasons. For the great quality, the nice smell or the personality of the brand. The newest line of Origins is my new crush in beauty land and there is one extra reason for it, the name of the collection is ‘A perfect world’.

This youth-protecting collection is infused with white tea to protect you from damage and to prevent those first signs of ageing. I love how they called their collection ‘A perfect world’. ‘Cus we all know that the world isn’t perfect – especially not now. To be honest, I often get scared and sad the last couple of years. I feel like we are all too stressed, too self-involved and too critical the last years. This worries me sometimes, even making me lose sleep over it. I’d love to live in a perfect world, and I think everybody does. So I try to make the world a bit of a better place by being kind, understanding and relaxed. And Origins tries the same. No, life isn’t perfect, but let’s at least try to make it a better place.

And with this new line they certainly do. I received the moisturizer and eye cream and especially fell in love with the soft scent of the products. Looking for a first anti-ageing product for your skin, then this is your jam! And the positive vibes from the products (and the brand), you get those for free!


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