Essie Gel Couture: that perfect manicure at home

I absolutely love nail polish. But let’s be honest, all those steps to get that perfect manicure aren’t so fun – and when you are finished, your polish starts chipping after one day. Do you recognize this story too? Luckily, this is over with the Essie gel couture. Believe me, when you have tried these polishes, you never want anything else!

I always wear nail polish. But the whole process to get to perfect nails makes me crazy. I can honestly say I often ruin my polish even before I’m done with it. Yep, I’m that girl that already puts on her jeans or goes to the toilet when her polish hasn’t dried yet. And even when I’m the good girl that waits an hour until it’s all done, the next day you will hear me say ‘noo’ when I see the first chip coming.

And then I got to try the Essie Gel Couture polish and I was blown away. First of all, it dries so fast. Thank you Essie for giving me an hour a week extra to do my household! Second – this polish does not chip, or when it does only after quite some time.

What do you need for the perfect manicure? Easy, your favorite Essie couture polish and the top coat that makes sure your nails stay picture perfect all day long. My favorite colours? Definitely the Essie Gel Couture Ballet Nudes, perfect for spring! You can find the polishes in a Planet Parfum close to you.

Big love,

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