O’neill sportswear: the perfect workout attire

This #OOTD no high heels, skinny jeans or cute new handbag but my favorite workout attire. ‘Cus this girl needs to workout if she wants to stay in shape. But I am still a proud fashion girl so my sports outfit needs to be on point too, no?

When I started working out, it didn’t bother me that I was wearing an ugly outfit. I was already sweating and puffing like crazy – so in my opinion, looking fabulous while working out was a mission impossible. But as I grew older (and wiser) I realized that you could look fabulous even when working out (well, not as fabulous as with high heels but hey – it’s for a good cause). So I started buying pretty workout sets, however – I was not yet smart enough to look for an outfit that was both pretty ànd comfortable. Because no one wants a sports bra that doesn’t support them goodies or a pants that is constantly in all the wrong places, right?

But now, at the age of 25, I can proudly say that I have discovered that looking fab & wearing the best workout gear ever goes hand in hand. The secret solution? O’neill. It’s now the second time that I got to try one of their leggings and girl, when you put them on you never (like never ever ever) want to take them of. Yep, I even asked my boyfriend if maybe, just maybe, I could wear them to work. So while running, squatting or just relaxing (‘cus that’s also a hobby, no?) you will always choose these soft, comfortable and very important – pretty leggings. Their sportsbra’s are also great! This one is without lining but I still feel the support thanks to the crossed back and great fabric.

Fleece – O’neill

Sportsbra – O’neill

Leggings – O’neill

Runners – Skechers

If you want to get ready for summer & are in need of some extra motivation, run over to the nearest O’neill supplier and buy yourself a pretty outfit. You can thank me later!

Big kiss,

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