Phax Tropical Expedition: swimwear love

Swimwear. Summer. Tanned skin. Cocktail. Vacation. Sounds perfect, no? That first step is also the most important: the perfect beach outfit. Phax is one of those brands that has an amazing collection year after year. Their tropical expedition summer collection is again one that makes you doubt about taking 365 days of vacation to wear all those pieces (or well, I wouldn’t doubt a second ;-))

Phax is a Colombian brand but luckily this happy and colorful brand is also for sale in our little country. On the website of you can find all the newest designs (not only from Phax but also from other pretty brands like Maaji). I can understand ordering through a website is a bit difficult at first, but once you know your Phax size you’ll be settled for life.

What I like most about their designs is that they make different tops and bottoms for all types of girls and their bodies. And you, you can just combine them the way you like. Big boobs but small hips or the other way around? No problem, you can also pick different sizes.

And then those prints – my o my, I don’t know where they find these designs but they are all soooo pretty. I think at the moment I have at least 10 bikini’s from Phax and I can assure you this will not be my last piece! The prices range between 80 and 100 euros but you do get some really nice quality (and a bikini that everyone will be jealous of!)

I’ll show you some of my favorites! Want one yourself? Lucky you, because I am giving away one bikini! All you have to do is go to my Instagram or Facebookpage and find the photo – good luck!

Bathing suit €79,95 Bikini €87,45 Bikini €89,45

Bikini €84,45 Bikini €104,95 Monkini €79,95

Bikini €74,95

Big kiss,


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