Shiseido Spring 2017

Shiseido has four new innovations for the spring of 2017. All totally different but all so fun. I’d love to tell you some more about it. Curious yet?

The first launch is the perfect product for everyone (unless you already got the picture perfect skin, then you can skip this part ;-)). Their smart filtering smoother is a solution for you to get that perfect glowy skin. It works as a filter that fades impurities and pores. I tend to have trouble with having the perfect skin and my o my, this baby works miracles! Just put it lightly over your make-up and you are ready to g(l)o(w).

The second launch makes me excited for summer ànd excited to work out (wow, Shiseido, you guys are magic!). The Global Suncare Sports BB SPF 50+ protects you against the sun while working out – buuuut it makes sure you still look dashing while sweating off those ice creams. Match made in heaven! It comes in different shades so that you will look flawless either way.

For their make-up line they also got two new launches. The first is their Synchro Skin Glow, a luminizing fluid foundation with SPF 20 (verrry important). This foundation promises you that healthy glow you always wanted without impurities. When you combine this with the smart filtering smoother you look ab-fab. I do not like to wear foundation since my skin is a bit greasy but luckily this foundation is light!

The last innovation is also the prettiest, the 7 lights powder illuminator makes your skin shine (it’s all about that perfect glow guys!) thanks to the seven different colours in the powder. Each of the colours has a different effect on your skin and all together they make you look naturally perfect. You can also use it as a highlighter (top colours) or a contouring powder (bottom colours). I absolutely adore it!

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