OOTD: Feeling like a princess

Even though we grow up, we all still love to feel like a princess. The newest collection from Veritas makes sure you can look like you are ready for prom every day. Because you never know when prince charming is around the corner on his white horse, right?

Prom. Even though it is not as big here as in the US – we all stress about our party at the end of the 6th year – one last time having fun with all your high school friends and finally introducing your crush to your girlfriends. And of course, finding thé dress. I did go to a prom when I was 16, but I didn’t go to my own prom because my last year in high school wasn’t let’s say, the most fun. However, if I would be able to do that evening again, I would definitely pick out this outfit.

First of all, that skirt! I’m not the tallest (well – I’m just plain short) but this skirt looks great on everyone it seems! I combined it with the star blouse from H&M which I bought some time ago. Of course, no outfit is complete without the right accessories so I added this cute silver bracelet, a shiny clutch and the most pretty head jewel – all from the Prom collection from Veritas.

In their collection you can find a whole range of accessories like earrings, scarfs, clutches and chokers. You can choose between gold, silver, with stars or glitter – whatever you want, you will definitely find the perfect accessory to finish of that special outfit.

Of course, prom is far behind us now but I am sure you have one wedding or housewarming to go to this summer, n’est c’est pas? I already know where I’ll find that last perfect piece to top of my outfit though! And if you choose well, you grab a clutch which you can also hang over your shoulder, that way you can drink a glass of champagne, dance a little and look stunning in your outfit too!

Blouse – H&M

Skirt – Veritas

Bracelet – Veritas

Clutch – Veritas

Hair jewel – Veritas

Heels – Zara


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