Discovering Mexico: Sian Ka’an, Isla Holbox, Chitzen Itza & Coba Punta Laguna

Mexico is a place where, if you want, you can lie at the pool for ten days in a row, with a cocktail in your hand. But if you travel so far, please visit this amazing country too, it will definitely be worth your while. We did five excursions and I will tell you some more about them – I’m sure you will put Mexico on your wish list after reading this post!

We were planning on doing most of the excursions ourselves, especially to make sure we were out of the ‘tourist hours’. Quite fast, people told us it’s not ideal to rent a car if you are not a frequent ‘adventure’ traveller. The Mexicans aren’t the most careful drivers and your insurance barely covers anything (if it even does cover something). That’s why we decided to just do our excursions with TUI. They were €100 – €180 pp, not cheap but you do get a fully organized trip for it in exchange.

One trip we did by ourselves though, we wanted to go snorkeling but Akumal (the reef with turtles) was closed due to some conflicts between the local people and tourist organisations. We decided to go snorkeling at Puerto Morelos after asking around, we payed €50 pp in total for the whole trip. So when you want to go snorkeling, this is a great & cheap alternative (most organisations offer you the same for €90-€100).

Our first excursion with TUI was Sian Ka’an and was a first hit. First we drove jeeps into the nature reserve, we were a bit disappointed that they weren’t open and that the roads weren’t that adventurous but it was a fun experience. When arriving in the heart of Sian Ka’an (which is a gigantic nature reserve in Mexico) we went on small boats and discovered the wildlife. Amazing birds, dolphins and even a stubborn turtle ;-). Afterwards we went for a Mexican lunch (yum!) and discovered a small authentic village. If you love fauna & flora – this is your jam!

Our second and also favorite excursion was Isla Holbox. Even though the travel time was quite long – it was definitely worth the time. After the long drive, we got into small boats and went to an open cenote on a small island (o so pretty!). After a quick dive in the water we went on to passion island, an inhabited small piece of paradise full of birds and with a mind-blowing view. Lastly, we went to Isla Holbox, officially the most cosy and pretty island ever. You can drive around in golf carts and discover the amazing island. If I’d have to recommend one trip, it’s definitely this one! (Pictures by Nature life photography)

Our third & fourth excursion were a bit comparable, since we twice visited a maya ruine. Chitzen Itza is probably the most famous ruine. The famous temple is one of the world miracles ad is pretty to see. It’s amazing how the Mayans already had so much knowledge about astronomy and architecture. However, when this world wonder is not on your list, I would not recommend to do this trip – it can become a bit of a tourist trap (even though TUI tries to avoid it by choosing the back enterance) and there are other amazing ruins to discover. Our last trip was to Coba, another less famous ruin site but you are still allowed to climb the temple, which is pretty cool! On top, during this excursion you get also a refreshing swim in a closed cenote (with bats just hanging in the cave) which is perfect after the dangerous climb up the temple. In the afternoon – after having a yummy lunch again, we visited Punta Laguna, another big nature reserve (where een jaguars live!), where we went on the hunt for cute monkeys. To end the day, you visit a small village where they still live without electricity or water, a whole different world than ours!

In the end, we are so happy to have done these excursions with TUI since they were perfectly organised and we did discover a (really small) part of Mexico. We’ll be back Mexico, we’ll be back!

Want to see some more from our trip? Here’s the first aftermovie:

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