Decléor – Recharge your life with the day box

I had the opportunity to have my first encounter with Decléor. This French brand is known for it’s quality products for the skin & body. They now have two boxes to recharge your life, one for the day and one for the night. I received the box to start the day great and I’ll tell you some more about it.

Getting out of bed in the morning is never easy. Hearing that alarm clock, and thinking ‘how important is my work really?’. Yep, story of my life. Luckily spring is here and waking up with the sun on your face (well, maybe that’s not so fun) and the birds singing makes it a lot more fun. Still – getting out of bed & ready for work is not all that easy.

This day box from Decléor however helps you to ease the pain. It contains three products, the airabsolu is a refreshing spray that makes your skin glow & takes away those little big signs of fatigue. The aroma cleanse is a soft cream that cleanses your skin from impurities. The gommage 1000 grains is a scrub with an amazing scent that gives your skin that baby feeling you always wanted.

On top you get a small postcard with yoga poses and a notebook to write down something every morning (like a goal you want to reach that day or a positive thought). The box is in total €45, knowing this, what are you waiting for? I know my mornings have gotten way better! (but I still do not jump out of bed though).

With love,

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