OOTD: That perfect beach dress

How I’d love to live at the beach. Waking up, seeing the sand and the sea and enjoying life & nature to the fullest. And oh yes, wear the perfect beach dress like this one I found on the website of Zalando. It’s already April so we need to start stacking up for those hot summer days & of course Zalando is there to help us out!

To be honest, I always lose my way on the website of Zalando. They just got so much stuff! So some random scrolling is never an option because I go bananas in minutes. Luckily, Zalando makes special pages for us, so that we can find the perfect look for that special occasion. With summer coming closer, everybody is on the hunt for that perfect bikini, beach towel or summer dress. In comes the beachwear page of Zalando full of essentials to wear on your relaxing holiday. On this page I found everything I was still looking for, a beautiful beach dress, some handy flip-flops, a pretty hat and the perfect beach towel.

So what better place to shoot these photos than at the beach, right? In my ideal mind there is no wind on the beach, there are no other people and you just look stunning in between all that beauty, you feel me? But of course when I arrived it seemed like a hurricane was passing over 😉 and all the people were already on the beach at 9 am (like, seriously, do you guys don’t sleep?). But we did manage to get some pretty shots in between all the people and wind!

Maxi-dress – Ripcurl (via Zalando)

Hat – Vero Moda (via Zalando)

Slippers – Kiomi (via Zalando)

Bracelet – The fashion department



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