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Finding your perfect bra size is like Tom Cruise trying to succeed in a Mission Impossible movie, very very difficult but luckily not impossible. Hunkemöller knows how important it is to wear your right bra size, and that’s why they invented the perfect fit.

I do not have the most easy cup size ever. I have a really small back but a bigger cup. My normal size is E65, but barely any store offers this size (it’s in general just really rare). Even Hunkemöller does not offer this size, so up until some time ago I never tried their bra’s since the didn’t have my size. But about half a year ago I got my size measured in their flagship store. They told me my size is D70 in their measurements, and after trying on different bra’s I discovered this was indeed the case.

But even if you find the perfect bra size for you (the girls at the Hunkemöller store will definitely help you) you can also find your favorite design. Do you like a bit of extra cup or a lot of support? There are four styles you can choose from. The delicous demi gives you a lot of support while keeping it sexy too. The perfect plunge is for girls who love some extra cleavage, or want a bit more boobies. The fabulous full cup is a bra design without padding but to give you that pretty shape. Lastly you have the balcony, which gives you above all perfect support. After trying on different bras the sales advisor will tell you which design(s) are perfect for your body. For me, the demi and balcony are the best fits – support above all for my ladies!

And if you think support means not sexy, think again! I ended up going home with this very sexy demi bra. My boyfriend was definitely happy with it (;-)) and I get the support I always wanted. When you leave with your new lingerie set the sweet girl will give you a card with your name, size and favorite fits on there. Perfect for your next shopping spree at Hunkemöller, just give them your card and they will find you, not only your perfect fit but also your favorite one!

Bra – Hunkemöller

Slip – Hunkemöller

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