Babyliss curl secret 2: curls just the way you like it

We all know how it goes. When you have straight hair you want curls and when you have curls you dream about having straight hair. The new curl secret from Babyliss now even gives us the option to choose between two types of curls, because we’re not picky enough as it is already 😉

I have curls, and every day I take out my straightening iron to get rid of them – ‘cus unfortunately they do not fall as picture perfect as you’d imagine. But once in a while I also want curls. Not my own ‘all over the place’ curls, but sleek beachy wave curls that make all the boys stare ;-). And that’s where the new curl secret 2 comes in. This curling iron is one of a kind because you do not need to twist your hair around the lock, the device does it for you.

The concept is easy: you take a small lock, put it in the opening and the device twists your hair. When it beeps you can take it out. I need about 15 minutes to do my whole hair. Put some hairspray on top and you’re ready to go.

All new about the curl secret 2: you now have two accessories to make curls, 25 mm for sophisticated curls, 35 mm for loose curls. Apart from choosing the size of the curl you can also choose the direction (left, right or alternately), length of the heat (8-12 seconds) and the temperature (210 °C-230°C). To make that ultimate beachy look you always dreamt of.

The price is not much higher than the original curl secret, for  only €130 you are the owner of this magnificent device. You can buy it here.

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