Karen Damen for Sapph: The perfect collection

Karen Damen, a woman not only amazingly beautiful but also talented and kind-hearted. Sapph saw this too and decided to make a collection together with Karen. The result? A sweet but sexy collection of which you want every piece (and preferably Karen included as your new bff).

What I like most about this collection is that they made a capsule collection in which you can find lingerie, lounge outfits ànd swimwear. So réally the perfect collection because Karen offers us everything we always dreamt of. I like the fact that there’s only 3-4 pieces per theme. As for the lingerie collection, I absolutely love the olive green body! Even perfect to wear on a jeans in summer.

Body – €89

The lounge collection is in every sense perfect. Stylish but still extremly comfortable. The leggings are my absolute favorite piece.

Sweater – €49

Leggings – €39

As for swimwear (I looooove swimwear!) I adore every single piece. The orange bathing suit and bikini are so pretty, but I love the blue one too. I think this colour looks amazing when you are tanned.

Bathing suit – €89

Bathing suit – €89

In short, I am in love with this whole collection (like réally with everything). I already knew Karen and Sapph would form a perfect combination but this collection is even better than my expectations. I hope there’s a new capsule collection soon, I’ll be the first in line to discover it!


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