Pampering time at Mo’na Mechelen

Mo’na is a famous hairdresser in Mechelen since years. Recently they also added a beauty spa to their building in the beautiful renovated basement. I got to discover their newest Aveda line & it was simply heaven. In need of some time off? No place you’d rather be than here!

After entering the salon I immediately received a delicious cup of tea (‘cus yes, it’s still freezing cold outside). The atmosphere is very welcoming & warm. I had some time to discover the whole Aveda hair & body line before enjoying my treatment. They literally have a cure for everything! Aaaand these fragrances, my god! I was doubting about spending my whole allowance there because yes I want thicker hair, yes I want less curls and yeeees I want healthy shiny locks.

As for the treatment, I got welcomed by the sweetest girl who immediately gave me a relaxed feeling. We started off with a calming foot bath in the beautifully renovated cellar and afterwards I was welcomed into the cosy treatment cabin where I would receive the facial treatment with their newest line: Tulasara. I received the plant peel treatment, which is an alternative for the chemical peeling which is known to take away all fine lines, scars and acne. This treatment does the same but in a less invasive way. First your skin gets cleaned in-depth with at least three different creams ;-), afterwards the two active masks are combined onto your skin. When combining these two masks it will first feel really warm but this disappears in a couple of seconds. While these masks are working miracles on your skin you get a relaxing back & shoulder massage and afterwards even a foot massage! Afterwards your skin gets that final hydration and bam, you look like new again.

I absolutely enjoyed this treatment and really see the difference in the mirror. For an ideal result you would need at least four of these treatments. Each treatment is 60 minutes (one hour of pure pampering!) and costs €80. Of course you can get a lot more of treatments at Mo’na & you can even get your nails done (hooray!).

Curious about Mo’na? You can find all information here.

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