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Hi guys! I promised to continue with my healthy workout spam and give you some more insights in my daily workout routines. If you haven’t done it yet, read this article with tips to keep you going in 2017. Once you are motivated to kick some ass you can start off with working out at home like me, I’ll tell you all about my three favorite workout channels on YouTube.

I told you guys already how I am a real ‘100% free’ workout girl. I do not like to pay for my sports or take the car for half an hour before getting started. So I workout in front of my television with some awesome Youtube channels. Curious about my favorite ones?

  1. Fitnessblender

I’ve been doing workouts on YouTube for more than a year now and I discovered Fitnessblender about 9 months ago. This is my absolute go to channel. Daniel & Kelli have almost 4(!) million subscribers on their channel and more than 700 videos. What I like so much about their workouts is that they have all sorts of workouts for all time spans. You have HIIT workouts, cardio workouts or specific body parts workouts. They also do pilates or 3/5/7 day challenges. What I love most about doing these workouts is being able to switch every time, which makes you burn more calories ànd all your muscles get trained. On top, their workouts are versatile and fun. Put on some gangsta rap and you’re ready to get that booty you always wanted!

2. Blogilates

The channel Blogilates has also more than 3,5 million subscribers and is a really fun workout channel.  Cassey is a really active girl but she sure knows how to push you. No easy girlygirl workouts for her (even though she perfectly knows how to sculpt that woman’s body) but real painful exercises that are worth you’re while. Last week I did the 1000 squats challenge from her channel (1000?!) and I couldn’t walk for two days straight. She also has some amazing arm workouts ànd she always adds some energetic music to it to make time go faster. Not that big a fan of a talkative girl while working out? Then this channel is probably less your thing. But once you get used to her talking, you’ll love her (and she’s great at pushing you to your limits!)

3. XHIT daily

This channel is really for girls. Most of the workouts are not that though and are really focused on getting a tighter body. They have a lot of workouts for your butt, arms, legs and abs with different time spans. What I love most is their Victoria Secret workouts. In these workouts you do exercises that those gorgeous angels do too to get that amazing body (not that we’ll ever look like it ‘cus we love pizza too much). If you’re just looking for a fun workout to train certain parts of your body, this is the place to be!

Do you have any favorite YouTube workout channels? I’d love to hear about them!


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