OOTD: That velvet bomber

They say in sales you often buy items you regret afterwards. But not with this amazing velvet bomber from Zara! Strolling around one last time in the store I saw this beauty in the right size. Tried it on, saw it had 50% off (which is rare for Zara so soon ;-)) and took it home. If it would be allowed to wear the same piece every day, I would only wear this bomber the next month!

Some items are just too good to be true. Velvet, flowers and a bomber? Can life get any better?! I’ve scored a whole bunch of sales at Zara this year but this one is my absolute favorite. For this outfit I combined it with a trashed jeans, my new Bershka booties (also scored in sale for 70% off!) and my Parfois bag.

Even though it’s still (very) cold out, the sun comes out of hiding now and then and that vitamin D on my skin sure feels amazing! In two months we’ll even soak up some more sun under the Mexican sky and I’m aready counting the days!

Sunglasses – Polette

Bomber – Zara

Top – Zara

Jeans – Even & Odd (by Zalando)

Booties – Bershka

Handbag – Parfois


With love,

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