Workout tips to keep you going in 2017

Hi loves! A new weekend is upon us, and what better way to start your weekend than planning in a fierce workout? I promised to give you some tips based on my own workout routine so here it goes, some advice to keep you motivated when you’re just like me a real sporty spice a lazy ass couch potato.

I’ll confess – I workout because I want to look more firm, or like most of us – to lose some lovehandles here and there. I have had a real love-hate relationship with sports ever since I was little and this hasn’t changed. The last two years however, I started to work out quite often, because hey, we’re all getting a little older, aren’t we? On top I also see how sports affect my body in a (very) good way. So here it is: 5 tips from a lazy ass like me who started loving working out.

Tip 1: Exercise works like a drug. This is maybe the most important tip, since it will help you with all the next tips. Working out is addictive. The more physical activity you undertake, the more you long to work out again. If I haven’t worked out for a week, it’s always a real challenge to get me off my couch to start doing jumping jacks. But when I finished a workout, I am already excited to do one the next day, and the day after, and the day after,… So the more you work out, the more you’ll want to do it again! (and this is scientifically proven so no excuses).

Tip 2: Set goals for yourself. The 1st of January has passed but this does not mean you can’t set goals anymore. For example: try to do 200 squats in a row by the end of February. Or try to workout 10 times in March. Or make a deal with yourself to go running once a week for half a year. Depending on your physical level and motivation you can set your own goals. Be realistic, otherwise you’ll be disappointed!

Tip 3: Home workouts. This is maybe the best invention ever for a girl like me. I used to hate to go to the gym to workout. First of all, it is so freakin’ expensive (like really, I could buy so many dresses with that money…). Secondly, you already lose precious time when heading over to the center. When I arrived, my motivation was already half gone. On top, if you only have an hour time you will pass on the session because hey, you only got an hour! Not with home workouts. I never ever (or well, very rarely) pay to workout. Either I go for a beautiful run in nature or I workout at home, in front of my television. No boring workouts, but real – am I going to die today?! – circuits right in your living room. Other plus: you can switch so often between different workouts that àll your muscles will be trained. Switching workouts also makes you burn more calories than doing the same exercise every day (be honest, do you do this in the gym? ;-)). I’ll tell you some more about my favorite workout channels soon!

Tip 4: Planning. Hell, life can be so busy. For me, finding the time to workout can sometimes be the biggest challenge. As said in tip 3, I already solve this a bit by working out at home. But I also try to plan in my routines up front. Every monday I check when I’m able to workout for at least half an hour. Often, I do two workouts in the weekend – because yes, it’s the weekend! Make sure you stick to this planning!

Tip 5: Put on some slaying music. Beyoncé, Nicky Minaj, David Guetta or hell, Justin Bieber. Put on your favorite music or playlist to occupy yourself with something else while sweating like crazy. I love to workout on a playlist from the ‘Workout’ genre on Spotify. This music always keeps me going when I’m about to give up.

But we don’t givve up! 2017 will be our year! You go girl, I believe in you!

With love (& a bit of sweat),

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