Some roses for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming closer, and all the lovebirds out there are already deliberating over the perfect gift for their loved one (or at least I am). One gift you can never go wrong with: roses. But roses fade after a week, and then we’re left with nothing, am I right girls? So how about this year, you ask your boy to buy this 100% organic line from Urtekram, made of roses, win-win, n’est c’est pas?

 Every girl should get roses on Valentine’s Day. But maybe we can do it a bit different this year, and buy ourselves (or give a link of this post to your loved one) a line made of organically grown roses – resulting in an amazing scent and collection. Urtekram gave me the opportunity to try out their Rose line: a complete series of nourishing, rose scented, organic products to spoil your skin and hair. Urtekram, a Danish brand, has made biological body care products since 1972. So it’s good for your skin ànd for nature. All their products are 100% paraben and silicone free, they contain no synthetic preservatives and best of all, they weren’t tested on animals. 
 This often results in a higher price, but not with Urtekram – they keep their prices affordable with products ranging from €3-€15.
The Rose line is made with rose geranium oil, shea butter (love!) and nature’s own moisture magnet, aloe vera. I can tell you guys one thing – the scent is amazing! I’m normally not a huge fan of rose products since the fragrance is often really chemical but this smells like standing in a rose garden! Their line consists of shampoos, (spray) conditioner, body lotion & shower gel, hand soap and cream, a deodorant (100% natural, so cool!) and my favorite – an amazing body scrub with Himalaya salt. Perfect to pamper yourself during these cold days ànd it will last you way longer than a pair of roses (even though we wouldn’t mind receiving those too).

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