Doutzen Sport Stories by Hunkemöller: that push in the right direction

It’s Sunday today, the perfect day to sit on the couch and eat cookies  start our next week healthy. Every Monday, or every new year, we decide to start eating healthy & exercise more (or at least, that’s what I do. Who’s with me?!). Last year I decided to take on the challenge to do 150 workouts in one year, this year I’m sure I’ll make it thanks to the beautiful sports collection from Hunkemöller designed by the gorgeous Doutzen Kroes. Need that extra push? This collection will make it happen!

It was a beautiful idea, working out 150 times in 2016, which is more or less three times a week. The first half of the year went perfect and by July I was still on track. But the second half just got so crazy busy that I didn’t have the time anymore to workout three times a week (I know, when you hear it you’re like sure, a half hour three times a week is not difficult but it wàs crazy busy the last months). I think I ended up with working out 120 times – so I didn’t reach my goal.

In 2017 I want to reach those 150 workouts and I kicked of great, I already exercised 9 times in the first 15 days of 2017 (life has been a lot calmer the last month). Even though I started out great I know I need a little push now and then. And what better way to push (or treat yourself) than with a beautiful new sports outfit?

Hunkemöller totally gets how women feel at the beginning of the year. Who are we? Women! What do we want? Lose weight! When do we want it? Now! So we all start counting what we eat and working out like crazy and Hunkemöller said: let’s help these girls a bit and make a damn good sports collection. Doutzen, who has a mind-blowing body was like sure guys, I’ll make these girls look like models while working out and bam, the Doutzen Sport Stories collection was born.

Sports bra – €37,99

Hoodie – €44,99

Legging – €37,99

Sports bra – €37,99

Thong – €14,99

Jacket – €54,99

Sports bra – €32,99

The collection is a bit tougher than the usual Hunkemöller sports collections, hence the culotte, fish nets and leather details but I am still deeply in love this collection, you feel so badass when working out in this gear! I treated myself with the grey and leather sports bra ‘cus them girls need a whole lotta support when jumping around, and the fishnet shorts. You can find the whole collection online & in stores!

Sports bra – €37,99

Culotte – €34,99

Sports bra – €37,99

Shorts – €29,99

To keep you girls motivated I’ll tell you some more about my workout routines & favorite Youtube fitness channels soon!

With love,

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