Detoxing in 2017 with Nuxe

A new year calls for new resolutions. Since I am nearly turning 25 I have to start treating my skin against the first signs of fatigue and aging (say what?!). The new Bio Beaute by Nuxe Detox range will be my first small step to keep looking like 20 when going on 30.

The new recipe for this range against pollution and for an amazing looking skin combines orange blossom water with cherry pulp and myrtle leaves. The effect: your skin is glowing like never before. The cherry pulp contains a whole bunch of Vitamin C and is known for it’s tonifying and stimulating properties.

The range consists of 5 products: a lotion (€15,90), a detox mask (€19,90), a detox cream (€19,90), a detox fluid (€19,90) and a detox gel for your eyes (€17,90). They smell amazing, like summer – so perfect for these o so cold days. I’m especially a fan of the mask and the eye contour gel. The lotion on the other hand gives your skin a fresh and clean feeling, the ultimate relaxation after a long day!

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