Relaxing with Eskimo loungewear

My boyfriend and I are real suckers for two things: lying on the couch doing nothing and preferably wearing the most comfortable loungewear while doing so. Our lives are quite hectic so when we can finally have an afternoon or evening all to ourselves we love to get the most out of it. Read: cosy candles, a two persons blanket and some comfortable onesies.

Eskimo, an all Belgian underwear and nightwear brand, totally understands how we love to spend our free time. During winter I almost always wear a onesie when I have a day off. Except when going to the toilet, this clothing piece is officially the most comfortable thing you have ever encountered. (If you do not have a onesie yet, run to the nearest Eskimo shop now! You will not know what hits you!). So in my collection I already got a onesie or three. Even though my boyfriend likes it too he’s more of the sweatpants kind of guy.


However, I now got him this cute striped one from Eskimo and he hasn’t taken it off ever since ;-). While wearing it he looks like a giant cute baby, I love it! Even though his onesie is fun and all – my onesie is the absolute winner. This one is so soft. Like baby cheeks. Like a breeze of air. Just thinking about it makes me happy.

I already knew Eskimo delivered some great quality and designs since this Belgian company manages to stay alive between all these giant brands ànd is even still growing. With 110 years of expertise these people definitely know what they’re doing. I can honestly say that this is my most comfy onesie ever, so thanks Eskimo for giving me the best Early Christmas gift!


Are you still in doubt about a present for your best friend/boyfriend/grandma (imagine how cute she would be with this onesie!). Just find your nearest Eskimo store or go to their webshop and you’re set in no time.

Ho-ho-holidays are coming! (Yay!)




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