Xavies granola – Still as yummy with 0% sugar

Some time ago I wrote you guys about the yummy granola from Xavies’. Not even me, but also my boyfriend got addicted to it. Since so many people love it, they now came up with two new recipes which are with 0% sugar. So you can eat this granola without feeling guilty, perfect for those pre-holidays.

My absolute favorite from their collection is the coconut-cinnnamon granola. So yummy and so good! My boyfriend begs me every week to buy the nuts & chocolate one. So when Xavie asked me to try out her two new, and even healthier recipes, I couldn’t refuse.

The ‘Pure toasted granola’ and ‘Pure toasted seeds’ do not contain any sugar but still taste damn good. I especially love the granola one and I can tell you, you don’t miss the sugar. So it’s the perfect power breakfast to get you going until noon.

A bag of 300 g is €8,10 for the seeds and €7,80 for the granola. You can order everything online.



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