Counting down to Christmas in style: 4x advent calendar

What is even more fun than Christmas? Counting down to Christmas! And this year I’ll have some real fun with no less than four amazing advent calendars to already spoil me to bits and pieces before the holidays even start! I’ll introduce them to you now, and in two weeks I’ll show you a bit what’s inside!

The last years advent calendars are really ‘on trend’. Every big beauty company makes an advent calendar to spoil their loyal customers and of course the traditional chocolate calendars are still hot and happening. I received four advent calendars so I’ll have a lot of unpacking to do the next few weeks, but I’ll especially have lots and lots of fun.

The first one I’d love to show you is the one from Rituals. An absolute beautiful box with 24 bestselling Rituals products in there. I can’t wait to discover all the awesome treats! Unfortunately, at the moment it is sold out online but be sure to keep an eye on it, ‘cus the price is really nice (only €49,95!). You can find the advent calendar in store though, so hurry to the nearest Rituals shop!


The second and biggest one is the cute Essie advent calendar. In this box you can find of course a whole bunch of nail polishes and nail treatments. I am so curious about the colours inside! You can find it online here, sold out at the moment unfortunately but maybe it will be for sale again soon! You can also find it in an Inno store close to you!


I also received a box (or calendar) full of chocolates from Godiva (mmm, Godiva). Eery day you can find a special chocolate in there, now that’s what I call a perfect breafkast! You can buy this box for a loved one here, the price is only €26.

The last one I got is from L’Oréal, full of all things nice and pretty like mascaras, eye shadows and nailpolishes. You name it and it’s in there! I also love the packaging.


Let the countdown begin!


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