Five funny things I do during the holiday season

I’m a real sucker for the holiday season. For me, this starts on the 1st of December with putting up my Christmas tree (Saint Nicholas is best friends with Santa so he doesn’t mind). I can even say I am quite obsessed with this month so I decided to list up some funny facts about me going bananas in this period.

  1. I start dreaming about Christmas in October. As soon as it gets dark outside and I start lighting up my candles I’m already dreaming about my Christmas tree, presents and the cosy get together with my family. Apart from me being excited about the holiday season I also try to convince everyone else around me to join me in the festivities already, yes I know it’s only November but planning is key guys, planning is key!
  2. From November onwards, my head starts spinning to find the perfect gifts. I always try to find the best gifts for my mom, bf and best friend. Whether I make something myself or buy something nice – it has to be something I know they’ll like. My own list always takes forever since, come on guys, I’m spoiled as f*ck. But making everyone around me happy, that’s my number 1 activity in December!
  3. Every year I record and watch all the episodes of ‘Dag Sinterklaas’, my absolute favorite series to get in the mood for the holidays. I know each episode by heart and will watch this series until I’m old. Even though I am already 24 (going on 25, my god) I still long for Saint Nicholas every year. The chocolate might have something to do with it!
  4. By the end of November I already have all my Christmas parties planned. This is réally important ‘cus I want to celebrate with everyone I love (resulting in 7 Christmas parties this year). I love to celebrate it with my family, colleagues and girls. As long as there’s food, I’m joining!
  5. My holiday outfit officially gives me the most stress of 2016. Shall I wear a dress, a skirt? Or a jeans with a lovely top? Glitters? Black? Or will I do a non-traditional colour this time? Seven parties, that means I need at least three different outfits, no? You hear it, all tips are welcome to help me in this stress.

The countdown has officially begun, December is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited!

Big love,


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